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Biokovo (nature park)

Biokovo is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia. It rises vertically from the Adriatic Coast to height of 1762 m. Because of it's geographical position, Biokovo is a mountain that has continental as well as Mediterranean climate, so various plant species of both worlds meet and live next to each other. There are lot of caves and pits around Biokovo and very often one can meet wild muflon as well as various bird species and foxes too.

The views from Biokovo are spectacular on the clear day one can see all Dalmatian islands as well as large part of Dalmatian coast to the south, and to the north, towns of Vrgorac, Imotski, and Bosnian mountains Prenj i Cvrsnica. Sometimes, when it's very clear, one can see a peak of Monte Gargano in Italy too. The coastal town of Makarska, that lies on the very south edge of Biokovo is seen from Biokovo as a amazing bay with tiny little houses placed in the rows around it.

The nature park Biokovo dominating above Makarska Riviera, is the good destination for botanists as well as walkers and cyclist. The beauty of Biokovo has always attracted explorers and visitors and you are likely to be thrilled too. What is the best way to get to know it. There are many trails leading up the mountain on the seaward side and eight on the landward side.

On your way up, we shall pass ancient villages on the foothills of the magnificent rocky mountain: Gornja Brela, Topici, Bast, Veliko Brdo, Makar, Kotisina, Gornji Tucepi, Gornja Podgora and Gornje Igrane on the seaward side, and Kozica, Rascane, Zupa, Biokovsko Selo, Rastovac, Zagvozd and Zadvarje on the other side of the mountain.

A main hiking trail transverses the mountain - the Biokovo Mountain Trail. However, one should not forget that Biokovo deserves full respect and therefore should be well-prepared for the ascent. The weather conditions can change in a moment, no surface water is to be found and any deviation from the marked trail entails some risk. You will be surprised to learn that the people of Biokovo once used the same trails to carry hay and potatoes or drive their livestock to pasture. Biokovo is the mountain that one can visit either by car or bicycle as well as on foot from various parts of Adriatic coast and Makarska Riviera.

Biokovo Hiking and Trekking Routes:

  • The Dr Fra Jure Radić Ecological Learning Trail
  • Biokovo Hiking Trail – BPS
  • Access from the maritime side – northwest, central and southeast part of Biokovo
  • Access from the inland (north) side

Nature Park Biokovo (Park prirode Biokovo)
Chief features: geomorphological phenomena such as sinkholes, karren, solution pans, pits – the deepest pit discovered to date, which is Amfora, -788 m, ice caves, caverns, karstic springs; more than 40 endemic plant species, such as the Biokovo bell (Edraianthus pumilio); important palaeontological finds; wonderful landscapes and views.

Especial conservation areas: special geomorphological reserves: Nevistina stina, Ovčje polje, Kuranik-Šibenik-Štropac-Vošac; special forest vegetation reserves: reserves of beech and fir forests: Kaoci, Kimet-Sutvid; reserves of indigenous forests of black Dalmatian pine; Bukovac, Borovik, Šibenik-Borovac, reserve of maritime beech forest: Vošac; botanical reserve: Sv. Ilija - Šibenik - Štropac, Veliki Troglav, which encompasses the highest peak, Sv. Jure, and constitutes a whole with Sv. Jure.

The Biokovo Botanical Garden (Botanički vrt Kotišina) in the Nature Park and close to the village of Kotisina displays all the local plants of Biokovo. The botanical garden features over 1,200 of the local plant taxons and this includes a large number of endemic species of flora. Fra Jure Radic decided to set up the botanical garden to preserve the plant species of around the Biokovo Mountain and this was founded by the Makarska Municipal Assembly in 1984 on the 2nd of October.

The price includes:

  • Domestic food during the trekking
  • Mountain house accommodation
  • Entrance to the Nature Park Biokovo
  • Tickets for the Botanical Garden Kotišina
  • Professional guide
  • Quick tea/coffee breaks
  • Workshop: Aromatic herbs of Dalmatia and Biokovo's endemic species

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

  • Caving
  • Rent a bike
  • Trekking extension (to the islands of the Brač, Hvar and mountains Mosor & Omiska Dinara)
  • Lunch at the dalmatian tavern

Trek information:

  • Duration: From 1 to 5 days
  • Terrain difficulty: 3
  • Trek levels: Easy, Normal, Advanced
  • Available: Whole year
  • Type of accommodation: Mountain house and hut
  • Type of trek: Heritage, Sightseeing, Adventure, Hut to hut

Duration of trip:

The trek is adjustable to your wishes: duration, distance, terrain difficulty etc. Please fill out the form on the right carefully so we can ensure you as good conditions as we can.

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Biokovo AlbumNew Year Eve 2011 at Biokovo
Location: Mountain Biokovo, Croatia
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