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Croatia has been a popular destination for walking and hiking for many years. It has such a diversity of landscapes, from steep, rugged and forested mountains to gentle slopes with vineyards and stunning coastal areas. Whether you want a gentle stroll by the sea or a demanding hike up a mountain you will find them all in this beautiful country!
Bosnia & Herzegovina is about sixty percent forested which offers great opportunities for walking and trekking on the trails. If you want and need mountains on your next trekking holiday, be sure to hit up the Darian Alps (Dinarides). The Darian Alps carry on from the Julian Alps, you’ll find the stony mountains here in Bosnia a contrast to the greenery all around. The best chances for hiking crosses over from the east of the country to the central areas all the way over to the west.

Hiking & trekking destinations in Croatia

Mountain Biokovo is the second-highest mountain range in Croatia, located along the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, between the rivers of Cetina and Neretva. Its highest peak is Sveti Jure (Saint George), at 1762 metres. More >>

Brac island
Brač is largest island in Dalmatia, with an area of 396 km². Its tallest peak, Vidova Gora, or Mount St. Vid, stands at 778 m, making it the highest island point in the Adriatic. More >>

Dinara is one of the more prominent mountains located on the border of Croatia-Dalmatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.The highest peaks are Troglav, in Bosnia (Threehead, 1913 m and Dinara 1831 m) the highest peak of Croatia. More >>

Hvar island
Hvar lying between the islands of Brač, Vis and Korčula. Approximately 68 km long. The highest peak is Sv. Nikola, at 628 metres (2,060 ft). Starigrad Plain is in the Unesco World Hreitage List. More >>

Kozjak is a mountain located above the town of Kaštela near Split. It stretches from the pass of Klis in the southeast, to the above Split Airport in the northwest. The highest peak is Veli vrj (799m) above Kaštel Gomilica. Its southern slope is very steep, and northern rock slopes gradually turns to the corrugate plateau of Dalmatian Zagora. More >>

Mosor is a mountain range located near the town of Split on the Adriatic coast. It stretches from the pass of Klis in the northwest to the Cetina River in the southeast. The highest peak is Veliki Kabal (1,339m). More >>

Omiska dinara & Cetina
Omiška Dinara is a mountain about 6 km long.The highest peak is Kula (864 m). It's a small mountain that offers true pleasure to the nature lovers, mountaineers and adventurers. This small area offers a lovely view of central dalmatian islands, especially the island of Brač and coast, and the mountains Biokovo, Mosor and the canyon of Cetina. More >>

Velebit is the largest though not the highest mountain range in Croatia. Its highest peak is the Vaganski Vrh at 1757 m.The range forms a part of the Dinaric Alps and is located along the Adriatic coast, separating it from Lika in the interior. Velebit begins in the northwest near Senj and ends 145 km to the southeast near the source of the Zrmanja river reasonably near Knin. More >>

Trekking destinations in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sutjeska National park
Zelengora is the true beauty among the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has 9 beautiful glacial lakes scattered all over the mountain at average altitude of 1500m. The mountain is situated in the south-east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the summer season you can see plenty of sheep in mountain's pasture or in sheepfold around summer pastoral villages. More >>

Mountain Cvrsnica (Blidinje nature park)
The mountain is situated in the north part of Herzegovina with its main part located in nature park Blidinje. Its highest peak Plocno (2228 m) is the highest mountain peak in all Herzegovina area and bears the name ''Herzegovina’s roof'' for justified reasons. From mountain Cvrsnica strikes a beautiful view of mountain Igman and Bjelašnica near Sarajevo, as well as over Herzegovina, up to Dalmatian Zagora and Biokovo Mountain. Cvrsnica and Prenj are divided by the 800 m deep canyon of river Neretva. More >>