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Food & drink

Nutrition during the trek is very important, because it needs to contain enough energy necessary for the several hours walk and be as lighter as possible for carrying. Usually during the trek we eat a lot of chocolate, dried fruit and different king of nuts. On the short breaks we can cook polenta, cous-cous or instant vegetable or mushroom soup.

During the longer breaks for lunch or at the end of the day when we rest at the mountain house we cook a more abundant meal: beans, rice with mushrooms and other traditional Mediterranean specialties. There is a fireplace at most mountain houses where we will roast meat, fish or vegetables together. Baked bread under the bell, sitting by the fire and tasting the prepared food and domestic wines will turn your active vacation into the unforgettable gastronomic experience of genuine Dalmatia.

Along the trek we pick herbs for tea and other herbs which we use for food preparation. Our guide will introduce you with plenty of wild plants which is being used in traditional medicine for centuries. We will teach you how to pick the plants correctly and not threaten their habitat, and how to prepare delicious, but more importantly healthy teas out of sage, ling, mint, and also blackberry and cranberry which are found in higher areas.

Picking the edible mushrooms and the tasting of milk and dairy products in pastoral summer villages are characteristic for destinations in areas form 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level.

List of foods: beans, cornflour, oyster mushroom, rice, goat cheese, olive oil, season vegetables, honey, lemons and other citrus fruits, almonds, walnuts, raisins, chocolate, dried meat (ham and bacon), salted fish.

Drinks: domestic wine or schnapps, freshly picked teas, mountain spring water, lemonade, milk.

Whether you are allergic or just don't like some ingredients please inform us so we can make adjusted replacements. For vegetarians we insure a menu according to your wishes.

Food & drink