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Hiking tips


Suggested Bonding Activities While Hiking


There are a number of reasons why people go hiking. Some do it to lose weight or reduce stress. It’s a great alternative for yoga or Zumba, which are the new popular physical exercises. Others hike in order to clear their heads and get in touch with nature. There are those who are passionate about it because it’s an opportunity to get in touch with themselves and do some meditation, all while marvelling at the great outdoors. Yet the most common reason why people go on trails to hike and camp is for some bonding time with family and friends. Because everyone’s busy with school or work, it’s getting difficult to get together and have a break. Often, our schedules don’t coincide with that of our friends, so we have to make do with weekends in order to have a holiday. If leaving the country or having long drives are out of the question, we can always pack our The North Face gear, and head out to easy trails for a hike.


So, while you’re on top of a beautiful mountain with your friends, here are some activities which you can try while bonding:


1. Play card games. A deck of cards is easy to bring along; it even fits in your pocket. Who says you have to give up your regular poker weekend just because you went out for a hike? Light a bonfire, and let the matches begin. Besides, you wouldn’t want your game to be rusty, especially since you’re vying for a seat at World Poker Tour. The best part is you can catch up on each other’s lives over a poker game. This is what you can call ultimate relaxation.


2. Engage in a nature-inspired scavenger hunt. This will be a challenge because there’s absolutely no guarantee that the items to be found are out there. This will also foster teamwork, and will encourage you and your friends to be keen observers of what surrounds you. The activity will also help you discover places off the usual paths. suggests the following items for your hunt: something that makes noise, an animal track, something naturally red, something with a strong scent, three different types of leaves, a nest, an animal’s home, a good hiding place, and the oldest thing you can find.


3. Have simple but fun trail activities. Be creative with your customary parlour games, since bringing along board games will be a burden. Games which do not require props but help you appreciate nature are the ideal ones to play.


Here are some ideas, also by


  • Look for a heart-shaped rock
  • Look for an animal-shaped cloud
  • Collect items representing four different shades of green
  • Find the tiniest plant around
  • Frolic in the nearby stream, lake or creek, then look for fishes
  • Find the best hiding spot if for instance a predator is lurking around