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Salona - Klis - Kozjak

Kozjak is a mountain located above the town of Kaštela near Split. It belongs to Dinaric Alps, and it stretches from the pass of Klis in the southeast, to the above Split Airport in the northwest. The highest peak is Sv.Luka or Kozjak (799m) above Kaštel Gomilica. Its southern slope is very steep, and northern rock slopes gradually turns to the corrugate plateau of Dalmatian Zagora. Kozjak is mainly composed of karst —limestone rocks. Its highest peak overlooks the city of Split, the ancient Roman settlement of Salona, towns of Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, and most of central Dalmatia islands. We can divide vegetation in two – the one in the fertile flysch and the other in the limestone ground. While the flysch area is covered with numerous agriculture, the limestone are is only covered with macchia where white hornbeam, field maple,holm oak, black ash and oak are most common.

DAY 01 Six kilometers north from Split, in today's Solin are the remains of the ancient city of Salona, the main city of the Roman province Dalmatia. Walking by the remains of the Roman baths and amphitheater which could hold up to 15000 people with our guide for a moment we go back to the ancient times.

After one hour tour through Salona, we wait for the bus that takes us to the Klis fortress (4 km away), which was the last stronghold of the Ottomans.

After a tour around fortress and a short break, we leave the settlement and climb up the south mountainside of Kozjak. On the right side, under a rock is a sanctuary, and we go along the Way of the cross to the Sv. Jure peak, which is right above Solin, where there is a small church and the remains of the much bigger one.

We have overcome the altitude of 500 m, and we slowly continue to the west along the ridge.

All around is a magnificent view: the city of Split is on the south, as well as the Kaštela bay, Trogir and the islands; Mosor and Biokovo are on the east, and Dalmatinska zagora, all the way to Kamešnica, is on the north.

In the afternoon we take a longer break in one of the many oak forests on the very edge of the Kozjak's cliff that falls 600 m vertically creating a fertile fields of Kaštela. We don't have to hurry because we are only an hour and a half away from the warmth of the mountain house where we have dinner, take a rest and have a sleep in comfortable beds. You can enjoy the view overlooking Split and Kastela in the sundown from the mountain house.

DAY 02 In the morning we have breakfast with coffee or tea. Depending on the requests of the travelers we continue along the top of Kozjak or we make our way down the south mountainside towards Kaštel Kambelovac to see the 1200 years old olive tree. If we decide to go along the top of the mountain we continue towards the church of Sv. Jure from 14th century which is 30 minutes walk away. We go along the Veli vrj (779 m), where is the radar center; Biranj (655 m) with specific rock tables and a church.

We take a half an hour brake at the Orlovo gnjezdo hut, built at the edge of the cliff, where we have a quick lunch. We make our way down along the south side to Kaštel Stari where we catch a bus or a train.

The price includes:

  • Mountain house accomodation
  • Energy food during the trekking, tea or coffee
  • Lunch and Dinner in the mountain house
  • Mountain house accommodation
  • Entrance to the Klis fortress & Salona ruins
  • Transfer from Split or Trogir
  • Personal mountain guide
  • Workshop: Healing and aromatic herbs of Dalmatian Hinterland
  • Trogir City Exploring (optional)

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

  • Paintball
  • Buying food & drink
  • Single room for two persons
  • Trekking extension (to the Mosor mountain, Islands of Brač & Hvar)

Trek information:
  • Duration: From 1 to 3 days
  • Terrain difficulty: 3
  • Trek levels: Easy, Normal, Advanced
  • Available:Whole year
  • Type of accommodation: Mountain house and hut
  • Type of trek: Relax, Heritage, Sightseeing, Adventure

Duration of trip:

The trek is adjustable to your wishes: duration, distance, terrain difficulty etc. Please fill out the form on the right carefully so we can ensure you as good conditions as we can.

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