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Free-walking holidays

This is the best option for everyone who wants to experience full adventure in short period of time and see, explore or visit as much as possible.

Free walking in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

These routes are not fixed, meaning clients can alter them along the way depending on their personal interest in certain objects and activities. Our guides will offer all interesting details of destination we are visiting as well as all possible bus or boat connections to other island and mountains.

All we have to do is get ready and go.

Of course, we will define points of interest before we go on free walking but you never know, maybe you’ll end up enchanted by some island and want to discover some of it more! If you crave adventure, nights spend beside bonfire as well as meeting local people and playing ‘’briskula’’ and ‘’treseta’’ - traditional card games, this trip is most definitely the right choice.

The price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Professional guide
  • Domestic food & drink during the trekking
  • Quick tea/coffee breaks
  • Workshop: Healing and aromatic herbs

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

  • Additional activities for current destination such as bike riding,kayaking, etc.

Tour info:

  • Any of destinations from our offer
  • Duration: From 1 day to 1 week
  • Trek levels: Easy, Normal, Adventure
  • Available: Whole year
  • Type of accommodation: Apartment, Mountain house
  • Type of trek: Freewalking

Price: 100,00 EUR/Day