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Full moon hiking

Night trekking during the full moon or cloudless summer nights, when the sky is full of stars and the gentle night breeze brings the sounds of bells from the flocks and intense scents of Mediterranean herbs. Walking through the mountain during the night might sound dangerous, but don't worry. We have chosen the easiest paths, and the strange sounds you may hear along the way are just birds hunting at night and small rodents. There are no dangerous animals along our night treks.

NIGHT We can set off at 8 or midnight, depending on the destination, from the nearest village we can get to by car. Our goal is to reach the mountain house or a camping place. We get there at 2 or 3 in the morning, where we prepare dinner and take rest for the morning climb to the top, to greet the rising sun. A hot chocolate or a doughnut at the top will give us strength to start our descending along the sunny mountainside.

DAY Along the way we observe the interesting objects (caves, ponds, architecture, etc.) and after a two or three hour walk we chill on the beach or by the river. Depending on your wishes we go back to the civilization, but there is also a possibility of proceeding with the trek towards the nearest mountains or you can try some other activities in the nature (rafting, canyoning, fishing).

This option is possible for the following destinations:

The price includes:

  • Mountain hut accommodation
  • Guide
  • Quick tea/coffee breaks
  • Workshop: Healing and aromatic herbs of Dalmatia

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

Trek information:
  • Duration: 1 night (and noon chill)
  • Terrain difficulty: 3
  • Trek level: Advanced
  • Available: Whole year
  • Type of accommodation: Mountain Hut
  • Type of trek: Night

Price: From: 70,00 EUR/Person

Number of Persons

The trek is adjustable to your wishes: duration, distance, trek difficulty etc. Please fill out the form on the right carefully so we can ensure you as good conditions as we can.

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