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Mt. Cvrsnica (Blidinje NP)

Known for its rough and inaccessible landscape, mountain Cvrsnica served as sanctuary for many people during the centuries. The mountain is situated in the north part of Herzegovina with its main part located in nature park Blidinje. Its highest peak Plocno (2228 m) is the highest mountain peak in all Herzegovina area and bears the name ''Herzegovina’s roof'' for justified reasons. From mountain Cvrsnica strikes a beautiful view of mountain Igman and Bjelašnica near Sarajevo, as well as over Herzegovina, up to Dalmatian Zagora and Biokovo Mountain. Cvrsnica and Prenj are divided by the 800 m deep canyon of river Neretva.

During only three hours transformation of three different weather seasons often occurs. The wind suddenly brings clouds, fog, rain and sometimes even snow. Because of its rock and component materials, mountain is very attractive for photo shooting and offers lot of pleasant views and sites.

DAY01 Mostar - Neretva canyon - Hajducka Vrata

The trail leads from Neretva canyon up through beech and oak forest. Along the way there are two unfailing springs which make climbing much easier since you don't have to carry lot of water. The water on the mountain is possible to find only in few areas. After 3-4 hours of walking we reach cosy and comfortable cabin where is possible to rest and cut wood for fire if you decide to have dinner.

DAY02 Hajducka vrata - Veliki Vilinac
The route is much easier: after already 1,5-2 hours we reach plateau on 1500m altitude, leaving behind us deciduous and pinewood forest. The trail takes us further on through grass plateau to the rock called Hajducka vrata, geological phenomenon and Lake Crvenak. This is the most beautiful part of the route which offers many picturesque sights. We reach mountain lodge beneath the peak Veliki vilinac round noon. Rest and relaxation is the most important thing if you want to successfully continue trekking tomorrow.

DAY 03 Veliki Vilinac - Pločno - Blidinje Lake
In the morning we decide upon the route we are going to take since the trail divides into few different directions. We can go towards the highest peak Plocno through north side of the mountain up to Blidinje Lake situated at the bottom of the mountain. Nevertheless we have 5-6 hours of walking today, and the trail we are going to take depends on our psycho - physical condition. By the end of the day we reach Veliko polje situated between mountains Vran and Cvrsnica, where the lake Blidinje is situated.

Lake Blidinje is a part of the nature park Blidinje. Nearby there are few interesting objects such as necropolis with "stecak" - tomb stones, Hajducka cave and church near Masna Luka. During the winter the area is very vivid because of its nearby village Risovac and its Ski centre. Risovac is very famous winter destination for many people living in Dalmatia since it is very near Adriatic Sea.

If you make previous arrangements you can rent a cottage here, spend the night in hotel or just camping by the lake. During the fall the area is filled with tasty mushrooms called Krakuni by the local people, which can grow up to 3 kilos. We spent many nights enjoying the night camping and grilling just picked Krakuni. In case you prefer comfort you can spend the night in little family hotel. Let's end our adventure in hotel restaurant, feasting ourselves with authentic Herzegovina dishes and good wine or beer.

Note! Accession to the starting point of trekking is far from bus and train lines, and in certain cases we can organize transfer, providing we make previous arrangements. The usual meeting places are Mostar or Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Split and Ploce in Croatia.

The price includes:

  • Basic trekking food
  • Mountain house and hut accommodation
  • Professional guide
  • Quick tea/coffee breaks
  • Workshop: Aromatic herbs of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

  • Canyoning
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Trekking extension (mountains Prenj & Zelengora, Herzegovina heritage points)

Trek information:

  • Duration: From 2 to 4 days
  • Terrain difficulty: 3
  • Trek levels: Normal, Advanced
  • Available: May, June, Jule, August, September, October
  • Type of accommodation: Mountain house and hut
  • Type of trek: Photography, Sightseeing, Adventure

Duration of trip:

The trek is adjustable to your wishes: duration, distance, terrain difficulty etc. Please fill out the form on the right carefully so we can ensure you as good conditions as we can.

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Cvrsnica Album

Cvrsnica Exploratory Trip
Location: Mountain Cvrsnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
POI: Park of Nature Blidinje, The Highest summit, Neretva canyon
Date: 10/2010