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Zelengora (Sutjeska NP)

Zelengora is the true beauty among the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has 9 beautiful glacial lakes scattered all over the mountain at average altitude of 1500m. The mountain is situated in the south-east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the summer season you can see plenty of sheep in mountain's pasture or in sheepfold around summer pastoral villages.

The landscape is quite tame with lot of grass glades, pyramidal peaks and groves. Main part of the mountain is situated in nature park Sutjeska. The highest peak of Zelengora is Bregoc (2014 altitude). There are also dozen peaks higher than 2000m.

Zelengora is filled with very rich flora and fauna. It is possible to see Black bear feasting with blueberries which grow all over the place. When climbing we often encounter chamois on rocky tops of the mountain. Zelengora is a home of many endemic species, among which is also Triton (Triturus alpestris reiseri) – batrachians who lives in lakes of Zelengora.

Spring and autumn are the best season to visit Zelengora since the mountain is filled with beautiful colures. During the summer it can get to hot but it is possible to cool in one of the lakes enjoying fresh water and beautiful mountain view.

Few day trekking is an enchanting experience because you can reach most beautiful mountain areas while tasting milk and cheese at pastoral cottages along the way. The mountain is filled with medical plants and herbs from which we prepare tea.
There are also plenty of berries, cranberries, blueberries wild strawberries and blackberries which we can pick along the way. At the end of the summer and beginning of the fall we can find plenty of eatable mushrooms and enjoy in good risotto or grilled mushroom meal prepared by our guide.

Fly-fishing enthusiast can fish in one of the lakes we visit. The ones eager to know something about history we can take through memorial monuments from Second World War since this area is famous for the great battle. At few locations nearby there are necropolises with medieval tomb stones – stecak, the most famous of which are the ones near Štrirnso Lake.

During the winter time, weather conditions are really extreme with low temperatures and snow up to 2-3m high. Because of that shepherds leave their mountain villages and move to valleys in the fall.

It is also possible to continue trekking from Zelenagora to nearby mountains Maglic and Volujak (Bosnia) and national park Durmitor (Montenegro) or to the national park Sutjeska and visit waterfall Skakavac and virgin forest Perucica.

Access to the mountain is possible from different directions depending whether you are coming from Dubrovnik, Sarajevo or Mostar area. Detailed calculation and route description is possible on client's demand and it depends on the length and level of trekking as well as on the type of accommodation.

The price includes:

  • Basic trekking food
  • Hotel or mountain hut accommodation
  • Professional guide
  • Quick tea/coffee breaks
  • Workshop: Aromatic herbs of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Additional services & possibilities (not included in price):

  • Canyoning
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Trekking extension (Mountains Maglic and Volujak, Sutjeska National park or Mt. Durmitor in Montenegro)

Trek information:

  • Duration: From 3 to 10 days
  • Terrain difficulty: 2
  • Trek levels: Easy Normal, Advanced
  • Available: May, June, Jule, August, September, October
  • Type of accommodation: Hotel and mountain hut
  • Type of trek: Relax, Photography, Sightseeing, Adventure, Lake to Lake,

Duration of trip:

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